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Create a Book cover or full Dust Jackets that can be printed out


This was created in Pages but could be created in Word or PowerPoint as well. The yellow frame is a yellow box stretched out to fit over the whole page. A photo has been inserted on top of the yellow box. Text boxes have then been created and placed on top of the photo.

Use Big Huge Labs to create a Magazine Cover. This could be on a topic you are studying or you could make a magazine cover about a book you have been reading.


This Time magazine was made in Pages in a similar way as the National Geographic above. This wonderful example was created by Karla from Point View School.

You can create this in Word using boxes and text boxes. Ksenia and Claire (the teachers I got the idea from) said the students had to research what Time magazines looked like, how they were set out and how they were written.

Create your own for 'dummies' cover enticing viewers to read what you have written inside