This National Geographic cover was created in Pages but could be made in Word or PowerPoint as well. I started with a Yellow box and filled the page, I then added a photo. Text boxes were then inserted over the top of the photo.

This was created in Pages using the Collector Newsletter Template. This wonderful example was created by Neerav from Point View School. Use the templates in Word for creating similar examples.

This was created in Pages using the box shapes with Gradient fill colours and line frames. The same effect could be created using the gradient tool in Word.


This Time magazine was made in Pages in a similar way as the National Geographic above. This wonderful example was created by Karla from Point View School.

You can create this in Word using boxes and text boxes. Ksenia and Claire (the teachers I got the idea from) said the students had to research what Time magazines looked like, how they were set out and how they were written.

Create a comic using Word's Shapes, use different shapes for each comic box. Use the callouts for the narrative text. When using KidPix to create graphics you must go File- Export and choose Jpeg to export the graphic as a Picture file.


Download Publishing templates

Publish documents as e-Books and then load onto your iPad or iPad Touch

Oliver from Point View school published this piece of work in Pages. He found a suitable graphic and filled the whole page with it, then he found a font called Cracked, changed it to white and used the highlighter tool (background in Pages) for the text.


Duplicating graphics to frame the writing. Click on a graphic, make sure that it is floating (Windows: Text Wrapping) (Mac: Pages click on Floating). Click on a graphic, press Ctrl D (Win) Command D (Mac)

Screen Shot 2013-12-03 at 2.10.54 pm.png

Variety of different Word templates for Newsletters